Blackstar Debut 10E Guitar Combo Amplifier – Black


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Key Features
10W Analog Practice Guitar Amplifier
Use for Music Playback
Two 3″ Linear-Response Stereo Speakers.
Classic Look, Tweed Grille
ISF Control / American to British Tones
Clean and Overdrive Channels
3.5mm Headphone/Speaker Emulated Output
3.5mm MP3/Line Input
Simulated Tape-Echo Effect

tyled in black, the Blackstar Debut 10E is a 10W stereo guitar amplifier that delivers a great playing experience for beginner and seasoned guitarists who want access to a variety of tones when practicing and recording at home, with or without headphones. Thanks to its classic look and tweed fret-cloth grille, it elegantly sits in any home or studio.

Simple to use with an all-analog design, the Debut 10E features two channels and an overdrive switch capable of taking you from chiming cleans, through rich crunches, to heavy overdrive tones and singing leads. Recreate vintage tones from American to British with the proprietary ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control. Dial in the iconic sound of a tape-echo effect using the onboard simulated tape delay, and jam along to your favorite tunes via the 3.5mm MP3/line input.

The Debut 10 E’s headphone jack offers a speaker-emulated output that reproduces the tonal characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet, providing an authentic tone for recording direct or practicing with headphones. The amp can also be used as a portable stereo speaker to listen to music, games, movies, and more.

Natural Tones with Clean and OD Channels
Meticulously designed by the same UK R&D team as Blackstar’s high-end valve amps, the Debut all-analog design delivers rich and natural clean and overdrive tones.
Proprietary ISF Control
Debut comes equipped with the company’s proprietary ISF EQ, allowing you to effortlessly dial-in classic sounds. Fully counterclockwise has an American characteristic with a tight bottom end and an aggressive middle. Fully clockwise has a British characteristic, which is woodier and less aggressive.
Dynamic Response
The Debut amplifier is designed to react to your guitar volume exactly like a valve amp would, providing sonic control and access to an infinite palette of tonal subtleties.
Built-In Tape Delay
The amplifier is equipped with a versatile tape delay effect for an immersive playing experience. Set a short delay time for authentic slapback and room sounds, perfect for country and rock ‘n’ roll. Or, set a long delay time for ambient soundscapes.
Silent Practice and Recording
Debut’s convenient headphone/recording output simulates the tonal characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet in incredible detail, providing addictively organic tones for silent practice or direct home recording.
Your All-In-One Bedroom Speaker
Unlike conventional guitar amps, the Debut is equipped with a pair of 3″, stereo linear speakers similar to those found on Hi-Fi systems, allowing it to double up as a high-quality speaker for playing music, TV/film, and game audio in your bedroom or living room.

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