Carry-On 88 Key Folding Piano & Midi Controller Black Finish


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An 88-key piano that you can bring practically anywhere; stash it in the picnic basket, keep it in your backpack, shove it in your suitcase or sneak it into grandma’s handbag! Unfold the Blackstar Carry-on 88-key Folding Piano and play 88 keys of musical bliss wherever you are! The Carry-On Folding Piano is a valuable tool for musicians who travel often, and also a great instrument for little aspiring pianists to learn on. There is a built-in speaker for instant playing fun; but plug this piano to your headphones or an amp / speaker and you’d think the sound is coming from a digital piano that is several times its size and price! A sustain pedal is included to give you and your sound the real deal. You can also use the Blackstar Carry-On Folding Piano as a MIDI controller; great for songwriting and recording on the go! Other musician essentials are included, like a metronome for practice, as well as rhythm accompaniments. There is also a free tote bag, so you can conveniently carry your folding piano around.

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