Ortofon Concorde Gold


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Designed to commemorate the release of the limited edition Technics SL-1200LTD and SL-1200GLD, the Concorde Gold was made to compliment the attractive stylings of these limited edition turntables and to provide the best possible sound quality available in a DJ cartridge. Compatible to a very wide range of turntables.

Using the cartridge for the first time feels like striking gold. It is indeed the flagship product with its gold plating and special Pro E diamond. Gold enjoys an excellent reputation for its amazing sound quality.

Gold Technical Data
Stylus Type Special Elliptical
Tracking Force 3.0 g (30 mN)
Output Voltage 6 mV
Frequency Range 20-20.000 Hz +/- 2 dB
Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec. – 6 mV
Channel balance at 1kHz – 1,5 dB
Channel separation at 1kHz – 23 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz – 15 dB
Frequency range at -3dB – 20-22.000 Hz
Frequency response – 20-20.000 Hz +/- 2dB
Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommmended tracking force – 80 μm
Compliance, dynamic lateral – 7 μm/m N
Stylus type – Special Elliptical
Stylus tip radius – r/R 13/25 μm
Tracking force range – 2,0-5,0 g (20-50 mN)
Tracking force recommended – 3,0 g (30 mN)

Tracking angle – 20°
Internal impedance, DC resistance – 750 Ohm
Internal inductance – 450 mH
Recommended load resistance – 47 kOhm
Recommended load capacitance – 200-600 pF
Cartridge weight – 18,5 g

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