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This is the complete package for the music lover who doesn’t want to sacrifice style or skimp on the listening experience. The Colourful Audio System from Pro-Ject consists of three highly acclaimed audio components, carefully matched for exceptional aesthetics and audio performance.

All-in-one …including cables
It takes away the difficulty of having to identify and buy the individual components needed to get your music playing. From the world-class Debut Carbon EVO turntable to the discreet yet capable MaiA S3 amplifier, this package features true Hi-Fi quality components that create crystal-clear sound, as well as caring for your vinyl records.

Debut Carbon EVO turntable
The turntable is built with all musical journeys in mind. Whether you’re just looking for a quick and technically-sound solution for right now, or plan to upgrade and improve as you go, the Debut Carbon EVO fits the bill. Highly rated, reviewed and awarded, this will please even the most discerning audiophile.

MaiA S3 amplifier
With a dedicated turntable phono stage built-in, this amp is made to match ideally with the Debut Carbon EVO. But it offers more than that, there’s also three extra Line RCA inputs, an optical S/PDIF for connection to a TV, plus a Bluetooth connection for playing wirelessly from your phone or tablet. Whatever the source, the MaiA S3 has you covered.

Speaker Box 5 S2 speakers
Clear and delicate high frequencies, rich full-bodied mids and a punchy, tight bass make up the Speaker Box 5 S2’s sound signature. Made with quality materials to the highest standard, you can sleep well knowing that your speakers will stand the test of time and keep providing you with a true-to-life sound performance from your first listen.

An audio and visual statement
Aesthetically designed, and with a sophisticated matching colour of turntable and speakers, this complete audio system is designed to stand out from the crowd and bring refined elegance to your home audio set-up.

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