Audio-Technica Consumer AT-XP3 DJ Cartridge


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The Audio-Technica AT-XP3 Dual Moving Magnet Stereo Audiophile DJ Cartridge is specially designed for DJs but works great for causal listening. A 0.6 mil conical bonded stylus tracks the center of the record groove for reliable performance and excellent fidelity. The cartridge design provides maximum visibility of the stylus tip to easily location the location of playback.
Key Features
Audiophile cartridge equipped with a 0.6mil conical stylus and VM dual magnet construction for a 5.5mV high-level output level suited for professional DJ applications
Carbon fiber-reinforced ABS cantilever and nylon wire suspension ensure precise tracking
Durable robust design for high-quality specialist DJ playback
Compatible with the replacement styli ATN-XP5 and ATN-XP7 for an upgrade
Tracking force of 2.0 to 4.0 grams (3.0 grams standard)

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